Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Human Chain reaction from Finland!

We have had very busy weeks lately and somebody has been sick every day. That's why we waited until the last day before filming this. Unfortenately three pupils were still absent today! But we did this with the rest of the class anyway! Hope you enjoy the film with a lot of snow and some elves!

Greetings from Ohkola school in Mäntsälä, Finland!

Ps. The music is cc-licenced music from


  1. Brilliant! It looks very cold there in Mäntsälä, but you have all had great fun running around in the snow!

  2. Great to see you enjoying yourselves outside in the snow.

    But I am happy that the days will be getting longer again now.
    You must be too there, right?

    And it's nice to see you in the video too, Sari!

  3. Hi Sari and the kids from Finland,

    It's very nice to see how your days are even shorter than ours here in Belgium! But soon your days will be much longer than here. That must be a lot of fun!

    A couple of weeks we had 3 days of snow too and we like it very much! It must be very pleasant to have much snow, so you can skate, ski or slide down a hill!

    Good luck on the technical chain reaction!

    Kind regards,


  4. We would like a little of this snow here in the south of Spain. The cold is here too and the sick children too. But you know how to enjoy.