Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 European Chain Reaction Turkey

Hello dear friends,

We are the last minute partner of this project. We are only 6 years old .  After we had watched your videos wanted to join this project . Unfortunetly, we had so little time :( We set this old cassettes ourselves and our teachers helped us a little :) The weather is cold and we decided light our stove. We enjoyed so much. I hope you enjoyed too.

With Love,

Little Bees



  1. Oh, this is cute.
    Well done, kids!

    I imagine it must have been quite a task to place all these tapes (which are a brilliant material for the purpose, by the way) so close to each other.
    How long did it take you?

  2. Hi dear Steffen,
    You can guess my pupils are only 6 years old and their skills are not so good but they worked hard and do it only in a few hours . We did it after a few try and uploaded it.

  3. Hi little bees of Turkey,

    I like this video a lot!

    A couple of real cute 6 year olds prove that in a small period of time a really decent chain reaction can by prepared!

    I like the idea of filling up a small room with a big chain reaction and I like the idea of your chain reaction having a goal: to light the stove!

    I really liked this one!

    My best to all of you!

    Kind regards,


  4. Greetings from Scotland!

    My pupils really thought this was a great chain reaction when they watched it today! They were extremely impressed by the work your young class did!
    We wish you good luck for the voting!

    Michael and his class.

  5. SO CUTE; CHARMING AND FILLED WITH DEVOTION & proudness to be a part of the European CR-rs.

    Very happy for your successful chain,

    Croatian team

  6. good job it was very good

  7. Nice job!:D
    That was fantastic!
    Greatings from Iceland :D

  8. Good job! :D
    That was amazing!